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Dear Parents, We would like to inform you that the School is starting with the Admission process for Academic Session 2024 – 2025 for Grade Pre-Nursery to Grade IX. Application Forms with details for the same can be collected and submitted, along with the required documents at the School Front Office between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm . Regards Principal Read More | Wishing you a very Happy 70th Independence Day - Regards Mangement Team Read More

SOF Olympiads

The concept of Olympiads is to ensure that the students are the best in business. Olympiads not only test the Intelligent Quotient of the aspirants but also their Mental aptitude as well. Olympiads give the students an opportunity to test their real worth. They help In building a student’s confidence and gauge his ability. They enable a student to process and sharpen his thinking and learning skills. The ASIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, KHARODA keeping this fact in view gives the students a chance to compete with the best.

It conducts Olympiads at regular intervals and ensures maximum participation. The students of class 3 and onwards are encouraged to participate in the Olympiads and special preparatory sessions are held to help them score and win. Subjects such as Mathematics, Science and English are covered by Olympiads Needless to say we have produced a string of winners and have set a new benchmark. Such events provide a student with the much-needed boost and amplify his competitive skills to a new high.

Asian believes in giving a child ample opportunities to test it’s worth. Examinations and Periodic tests do serve the purpose but to a certain extent. In order to expand his horizon a student needs much more than that. Olympiads provide that perfect platform for him to make a thorough assessment of his caliber and capacity. We here at Asian Public School hold SOF ( Science Olympiad foundation ) Olympiads in Science, Mathematics, Languages and Social Sciences on a regular basis.The students prior to the Olympiads are groomed and prepared to their capacity. The students too show that extra keenness to be a part of such programmes where they can perform and Excel.

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