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Dear Parents, We would like to inform you that the School is starting with the Admission process for Academic Session 2023 – 2024 for Grade Pre-Nursery to Grade IX. Application Forms with details for the same can be collected and submitted, along with the required documents at the School Front Office between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm . Regards Principal Read More | Wishing you a very Happy 70th Independence Day - Regards Mangement Team Read More


School assemblies are a terrific way to build School community and Foster School Pride. Students miss their class and it is we who make sure the experience is worth it. The school assembly is hosted by a student who addresses the assembly and informs it what they have in store for them that morning. The Assembly begins with remembering the Almighty and chanting sacred chants. Thereafter  the students’ activities take place. The students read the thought of the day followed by news headlines. Then we have the speech and students’ performances. Some of the ways we ensure that the Assembly stays meaningful are:

Organizing an Anti Bullying  Assembly
The kids are taught how to be up standers.

Art Shows 
Students’ art works are exhibited. 

Productive Athon
Such as Read – athon, Science  - athon Math –athon and other fun activities.
Awards Assembly 
Students who fly under the radar are felicitated for their creativity. 

Career Day
We invite volunteers who share the secrets of their careers with the students. 

Festival Celebrations
Keeping in view the secular fabric of our country all festivals are celebrated. 

Community Service 
Students are educated on different themes and are asked to spread awareness about eradicating  social evils.

Musical concerts are held frequently to encourage the students to perform onstage. 

Fundraiser Kickoffs 
Students are asked to contribute for a noble onstage.Pep Talks
Help the students come out of their lows.

Red Ribbon Day 
Encourage students to make smart choices and live drug free life.
Spell Bee
Test of students’ spelling aptitude.
Talent Show 
Students are asked to perform on the spot without any prior preparation. 
The ASIANITES’ assembly is therefore a treat to behold. 

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