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Dear Parents, We would like to inform you that the School is starting with the Admission process for Academic Session 2024 – 2025 for Grade Pre-Nursery to Grade IX. Application Forms with details for the same can be collected and submitted, along with the required documents at the School Front Office between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm . Regards Principal Read More | Wishing you a very Happy 70th Independence Day - Regards Mangement Team Read More


Fee structure can be amended or revised any time without prior notice to the parents , whenever it is deemed essential, decided and approved by the managing committee.

Parents are required to deposit the fee monthly ( by 10th of every month) or quarterly by 10th of April , 10th of July July ,10th of October and 10th of January.

School fee should be be paid by 15th of the above mentioned months, failing which late fee fine will be levied which is as follows:
1. 16th to 20th of the month Rs. 50/- per day
2. 21st to 25th of the month Rs. 100/- per day.
3. 26th to 31st of the month 150/- per day till the fee is paid.

In case the cheque furnished against fee bounces , a penalty of Rs 1000/- shall be levied.

A student's name can be struck off if fee is not paid on time and is pending for more than three months.

Final payment at the time of Withdrawal shall be accepted only in cash / online.

All concessions in fee stands cancelled for those who apply for Transfer certificate at the end of the session and they have to pay full fee of the session at the time of clearance.

Transfer certificate will be issued only after seven days of clearance of all dues .

Those parents ,who would like to have a 'Tuition Fee Certificate ' from the school for the purpose of availing Income tax rebate or reimbursement of fee from any government agency must submit the counter slip of the paid fee along with the application to the school office for obtaining the above certificate .

Note: Notice in writing for withdrawal of a student must be given one month in advance before 10th of the month or one month's fee shall be charged in lieu of the notice period .

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