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Dear Parents, We would like to inform you that the School is starting with the Admission process for Academic Session 2024 – 2025 for Grade Pre-Nursery to Grade IX. Application Forms with details for the same can be collected and submitted, along with the required documents at the School Front Office between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm . Regards Principal Read More



ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS is one such thing that needs to be sown in the minds of the young children to produce rich yields. The earth that we see now actually was an amalgamated landmass a great time ago. Later on because of natural occurrences and tectonic plates movements the landmass got disintegrated and the continents drifted away positioning themselves the way we see them on the globe today. The movement, jamming and overlapping of the tectonic plates resulted in the formation of mountain ranges such as The Himalayas, The Alps, The Rockies, The Andes and many more. The natural disasters wiped out dinosaurs that once roamed on earth. The earth was in the process of cooling down.

These was a perfect ecological balance then but the arrival of mankind brought about huge environmental changes. Men in order to exert his supremacy over others started playing with nature. He began constructing cities, factories, industries, roads etc. all in the name of development. But little did he know that he is playing havoc with the environment. His excessive burning of fossil fuels produced a lot of CO2 which resulted in the entrapment of heat which in turn gave rise to global warming the effects of which are now visible even in Antarctica. The emerge global temperature is on the rise, the glaciers are receding and the ice at polar caps is thawing. If this continues the sea levels rise and so many countries will be submerged under water.

Population boom has given rise to the problems of unemployment and deforestation. Our planet that once teemed with life is now ailing and the survey reports show that its condition is like that of a patient in ICU. Human activities have posed a serious threat to a number of species of organisms that inhabit this planet with us. Man has emerged as the most dangerous animal in the world. Now the need of the hour is to control the damage done and not to allow any damage happen in the times to come.

The students can play the most important role in reviving our environment. They have this unique ability to learn, absorb and most importantly act. They should be taken to Antarctica where they could see the damage done and return with a vow to improve the overall health of the environment. They should be made aware of the dangers of deforestation and excessive burning of fossil fuels. Just remember we have not inherited this planet from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our children. The children should be taught about judicious use of the resources and the concept of sustainable development.

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